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5 Years Unlimited Mile Warranty

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1994 EAGLE SUMMIT - Engine  1.5L VIN "A", Auto Trans
1994 EAGLE SUMMIT - Engine Assembly 1.5L VIN "A", Automatic Transmission, 60 Months Warranty. Free Shipping, 1 Month Return Policy. Used (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Engine Run, Tested and covered under 5 Years Warranty. All of our Engines are Shipped as Complete Assemblies from Top Valve Cover to Exhaust Manifold, Including: Intake and Exhaust Manifold; Valve Cover; Cylinder Heads and Block; Timing Belt Cover. PLEASE NOTE: Cable harness, any sensors, hoses and bolt-on accessories will not be included and never covered under warranty if shipped with the engine.

1994 EAGLE SUMMIT - Engine 1.5L VIN "A", Auto Trans

SKU: USA28334
$1,629.99 Regular Price
$1,189.99Sale Price

    Stock photo - for reference only.


    Unlimited Mileage Warranty - By far the best warranty in the industry.


    CONDITION: USED - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

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